Customer engagement
and retention platform
Engage, provide live support and gather valuable feedback.
We’ve got a customizable widget and mobile app for you.
Same on the surface but different on the far side. Secret is in details.
Own a website?

The Lead is on your website.
Lets make him a loyal customer by interacting with him via Notifie widget.

As soon as you begin to use Notifie, you immediately feel how things changed. The technology opens up exciting new possibilities. And this is only the beginning. Get a closer look at Notifie.
Enjoy the beauty and innovation at all levels.

Different by design

Love at first sight.

Designed to be compatible with all the browsers. With every element on its place. Enriched with HTML5 effects and material design with a twist. Playful but not pretentious Notifie looks native and smart. Add your logo and tune your corporate color in and go.

Engagement and retention

Neverending dialogue

Widget dialodue continues in the mobile app.

If your customer is about to run away from your online dialouge, introduce him a Notifie application. You can chat more there. Its a modern way. Nothing will be lost, cause the customer will find his chat mirrored in every letter.

Be real in the real world.

Being friendly to its customers is not only chating online. Notifie is at the points of sale via hardware triggers. Make the customer choose the goods online and notifie with its triggers will guide them to the shoosed goods. Notifie is a new proximity based experience.

More than words

Instant file sharing.

Talk with your customer in more then words. Talk not only attitude but facts.
Talk in the modern way with files, documents, pictures and videos or other records.

5 minutes

It will take technicians, to integrate Notifie with your website.
5 minutes to start changing the leads to loyal customers.
Its an easy way.

  window.notifieSettings = { app_id: "APPID" };
  var sc = document.createElement('script');
  sc.setAttribute("type", "text/javascript");
  sc.setAttribute("src", "");
  sc.setAttribute("async", "true");
  (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.documentElement).appendChild(sc);


One application for customers and agents.

Agents can work mobile with Notifie. If you are a small business thats your success key – talk to your customers from wherever you are. Even if you are out from your office you are online and connected to your clients.

Find out what consumers think about your product. Sharpen your knowledge on what they would like to enjoy from you.

Find out how to start your reward program with us. We run everything from the automation to marketing scenariuos.

Internet of Things.
Fresh geolocation technology.


Easy and smart way to work together.

Notifie becomes even more convenient and irreplaceable due to the new built-in advanced features and applications. Tight integration with hardware ensures excellent teamwork.